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Taking care during periods!


Periods mark the transition of a girl towards womanhood.

When a girl hits puberty, her hormones start sending various signals to her body parts to grow and mature, and hence we get our periods. It involves the monthly shedding of blood and tissue from the uterus through the vaginal opening. Menstruation is an important part of the reproductive process, and it is a signal that your body is maturing and that you are healthy.

Periods can be frustrating because one minute you want attention and love, the next second you want to cry like a baby for hours over anything and everything, and just the next second, you want to launch off to space and stay away from humans for eternity. Getting your periods can be annoying, painful, and detrimental to your wardrobe and plans. But what women struggle the most with is “period-cramps.”

Let us first understand what causes period cramps!

Period cramps happen when the uterine muscles tighten and relax. The uterus squeezes to help push the blood out through a girl’s vagina during her period.These contractions can cause pain, inflammation, and cramps. Period cramps can be mild, but they might cause some discomfort and pain, but there are a few things that you can do to feel better.

If cramps bother you, you should:

  • Take a pain reliever -You should consult your parents or doctor regarding the dosage and medication.
  • Get a massage- Massage your lower back and legs. It relaxes your nerves and helps reduce the pain and discomfort.
  • Get warm- You should try placing a warm water bottle or warm compress on your belly or take a warm bath.
  • Practice yoga- Yoga asanas like child pose, butterfly, cat-camel help ease the discomfort.
  • Rest when you need it. Some cuddles with mom or sister work like magic too.

Other lifestyle changes that may help-

  • Eat light and nutritious meals.
  • Avoid food with caffeine and salt.
  • Exercise being physically active relieves cramps. Therefore, you should make exercise a part of your weekly routine.
  • Take dietary supplements.
  • Meditate; it helps manage your stress.

Periods are normal; cramping is also normal. A period is a present that needs to be celebrated, and it’s not a curse-laden with embarrassment and negativity. So let’s talk about it in a normal fashion; let us celebrate our womanhood.

By Tisya Narang


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