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Campus Reporter – Assignment No. 2 –


  1. Recreational / Holiday Outside – visit to any recreational place
  2. Parent – Regarding their Professional / Job
  3. Fund Raiser – Fund Raising for any NGO

What type of content do you want to produce?

You need to inform the progressive students of your institution that CityNeeds Community Club is a huge platform which will showcase their skills and achievements on the district and then the state level. However, at the institution level we, the Campus Reporters are the point of contact for you to cover your activities, events and capabilities and publish them on CityNeeds Platform.

Who are your audience? 

The most progressive students of all student Clubs in your institution should be the members of the CityNeeds Community Club. However, other than these all other students are also invited but the front runners must be involved.

Who are your Content Providers?

You, the Campus Reporter Team has to generate this content.

Final Steps

  1. Record your group video introducing the CityNeeds Community Club, role of campus reporter with an appeal to your target content providers to join the Community Club so that you can cover their activities and achievements and showcase to the world. 
  2. Make a list of all the student clubs in your institutions and meet their in-charge personally to explain the above and invite them to join.

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