CityNeeds Mission

CityNeeds is India’s 1st online platform hosting City wise NGOs and connecting them with nearest and relevant donors and volunteers.

Individuals and NGOs list their requirements on our website that are notified to matching donors or volunteers who can help those in need. These requirements could be for Medical Treatment, Education Support, Food, Clothes, Shelter, Environment Conservation, Animal Care etc and can be fulfilled in cash or kind. The portal supports all online payment gateways and UPI’s and every penny donated is reflected on the website in the public domain.

NGO Expo

CityNeeds was launched on 27th February 2021 on world ngo day by way of organising 1st NGO Expo of Punjab where 45 local NGOs of Ludhiana and 10 departments of district administration showcased their activities to public. The expo was actively participated by the Cabinet Minister, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner of Police, Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Mayor, Chairman Improvement Trust, Councilors and industrials.

Vaccination Drive

“People say, miracles don’t happen. But what happened on 3rd & 4th April 2021 in Ludhiana is nothing less than a miracle” said Sh Varinder Sharma (IAS) Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana. In times when people were reluctant to go for covid vaccination; CityNeeds with its partner NGOs organised numerous vaccination camps and just in 2 days 49000 people walked in to these camps go get vaccinated. CityNeeds coordinated those project for 3 months and could organise 1000+ vaccination camps  in Ludhiana and got over 4 lac people vaccinated.


More than the impact of the covid virus, the misinformation around it was becoming more dangerous. CityNeeds in association with 33 doctors from 4 major hospitals namely Dayanand Medical College, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana Civil Hospital & Fortis Hospital made over 211 short videos regarding correct information around COVID. The videos were made available free of cost to the general public by the Deputy Commissioner and Civil Surgeon.

NGO Carnival

CityNeeds organised a mega NGO Carnival on 30th October 2021 before Diwali where 25 NGOs and 6 self help groups displayed and sold products made by them or their beneficiaries. We are happy that most of the NGOs could sell all the material they brought. This was an attempt to empower the NGOs to generate revenue for the underprivileged people who made such products.

CDF 2021

A mega donation festival was organised celebrating over 14 Indian festivals highlighting the importance of gifting and Donating. Before each festival it’s significance in our mythology was highlighted with an attempt to connect our new generation with our roots. People donated with open heart on all festivals like Janam Ashtami, Dushehra, Diwali, Dhan Trausti, Gurpurab, Christmas etc

Happiness Week

Bringing smiles on someone’s face is the most satisfying moment of our life. For 7 days our team of Volunteers visited different NGOs, old homes, disability centres, orphanages, slums and spent great time with the natives there with an intent to bring smiles on their face. A jubilant atmosphere was created and youngsters from affluent families could see the real life miseries people go through and still try to remain happy.

Mission Hara Bhara Ludhiana

In active association with District administration, forest department and partner NGOs, CityNeeds executed a one month project by the name of Hara Bhara Ludhiana.

Plantation was simplified to an extent that a team of volunteers with equipment and plants reached the premises of anyone who gave a call to our toll free number. More than 300 requests were received and over 8000 saplings were planted.



Quest Infosys Foundation is not-for-profit trust working in the education field from more than a decade. Quest Infosys Foundation strongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a student to have access to quality education.

To fulfil the higher education dreams of students, Quest Infosys Foundation invites applications to avail Scholarships worth Rs. 34 Lakh in 2022. Scholarship for Degree Courses is offered to the students at its campus, Quest Group of Institutions located at, Chandigarh-Fatehgarh Sahib Highway, Mohali. Scholarship for Online Training of Microsoft Office to be offered with its Technology Partner VCO Edutech Pvt. Ltd., Ludhiana.

pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3762800 (2)

There are 2 types of Scholarship to be offered to students:-

  1. 50% Scholarship on Tuition Fee offered at Quest Group of Institutions, Mohali on following Courses (subject to availability of seats)
    1. B.Tech. (CSE)
    2. B.Tech. (Civil)
    3. B.Tech. (Mechanical)
    4. BBA
    5. B.Com.(Hons.)
    6. BCA
  2. 100% Scholarship on Online Training on Microsoft Office with Certification

Who Can Avail Scholarship

Students Passed 10+2 in 2022 from any Board.

Total Number of Scholarships:- 125

  • 25 Scholarships for 50% Tution Fee for B.Tech & other Degree Courses

  • 100 Scholarships for 100% off on Microsoft Office Online Training with Certification

Scholarship Amount Per Student

Course Scholarship Amount (for whole course)
B.Tech. 1.20 Lac per Student
BBA, BCA,B.Com. 45,000 per student
Microsoft Office 4,000 Per Student for Complete Training & Certification

Scholarship Selection Criteria.

  1. Students will be selected for Scholarship based on the Marks obtained by them in 10+2 in 2022.
  2. After the closing date of Applications, Merit list to be preparedas per Marks obtained by the students.
  3. In case of same marks, younger student will get preference to avail Scholarship
  4. Scholarship to be offered on First-Come-First Serve basis.

10th August 2022 to 20th August 2022 till midnight

Students must fill the Scholarship Form as per desired information & must submit following documents (Must be clearly readable) in soft copy

  1. 10+2 Marksheet
  2. Aadhar Card

Scholarship Result Announcement Date

Merit List of Students as per criteria to be announced on 31st August 2022 at college website & Facebook Page of Quest & City Needs. Selected Students to be informed via E-Mail.

Students Deadline to avail the Offered Scholarship

Following steps to be followed by students selected for Scholarship

Scholarship for Higher Studies Scholarship for Microsoft Office Training & Certification

Students needs to deposit the remaining fee at Quest Group of Institutions Campus along with 10th & 10+2 Mark Sheet, & Aadhar Card between 5-7th September 2022 between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Call 9915676500 for any help/queries

Students need to pay Online Facilitation Fee of Rs. 99/- to confirm the seat maximum by 5th September 2022.Online Payment to be done

Call 9814601047 for any help/queries

Online Training to be started from 7th September 2022.

Following are the Helpline/Information Numbers

10th August 2022 to 20th August 2022 till midnight

Issue Contact Person Name Phone No.
To Know More about Microsoft Office Online Training & Certification Mr. Munish Passi 9814601047
To know more about B.Tech & Other Degree Courses Mr. Yashpreet Singh 9915676500
Technical Issues in filling of Forms Mr. Baljinder Singh 9814910700

To know more about Quest Group of Institutions

To know more and Join CityNeeds as a Volunteer

To know more about Microsoft Office Online Training

CityNeeds Mission

CityNeeds is India’s 1st online platform hosting City wise NGOs and connecting them with nearest and relevant donors and volunteers.

Individuals and NGOs list their requirements on our website that are notified to matching donors or volunteers who can help those in need. These requirements could be for Medical Treatment, Education Support, Food, Clothes, Shelter, Environment Conservation, Animal Care etc and can be fulfilled in cash or kind. The portal supports all online payment gateways and UPI’s and every penny donated is reflected on the website in the public domain.


Let’s Clean Ludhiana Foundation Environment Contest in association with Cityneeds


Step 1 – Join Cityneeds Community Page on Facebook HERE

Step 2 – Share a Picture/Video of Yourself showing something you have done to protect environment & tag 5 of your friends in the post on this Community Page

Example of activities (not limited to) you can showcase
Planting a tree
Dry & Wet Waste Segregation at your home
Recycling of Plastic/Paper etc
Best out of waste activity
Cleaning your surroundings (Street, School, Office, Neighborhood)
Use of Environment Friendly products
Save Water, Electricity, Other Natural Resources

Pledge Here to “Say NO to Single-Use Plastic” and get your Instant e-certificate


(1) Grand Prize – Samsung LED TV worth Rs. 25,000
(2) 2nd Prize – JBL C115 TWS Wireless Ear buds (2) Worth Rs 3,400
(5) 3rd Prize – boAt Xtend Smart Watch Worth Rs. 1,900
(10) Participation Prizes – boAt Airdopes Worth Rs. 1,200

Winners will be declared on 5th June, the World Environment Day at an Online Event. Please stay tuned to this blog post for Online Event Details.

My experience with periods

I sat on the rickety plastic chair, thankful for the shade of the pipal tree, trying my best not to sneeze as the dust rising from the field found its way into my nose and I felt another volley of sneezes approaching. ‘It takes some getting used to, I suppose,’ Sakshi Bhatia, the coach, looked at me bemused.

‘How are the girls playing in this dust and heat? Isn’t there a better field?’ I asked, wiping my nose. ‘They have bigger problems than a dusty field, Tamanna,’ she sounded cryptic.

‘Like what?’ I blurted out inarticulately, my streaming eyes taking in the conservatively clad girls, dodging and kicking the football. Their skill and passion for the sport were as clear as the day.

‘Like being unable to play the sport they’ve spent years training for,’ she sounded disappointed.


‘The best girls will have to quit before the qualifying match in three months.’

‘Why?’ I looked quizzical.

Sakshi sighed. ‘You city girls won’t understand. Our best players have all reached puberty. In the village, it means giving up school to take care of the homestead and prepare for marriage. They will all have to leave the team, whether they like it or not. Menstruation is a taboo here.’

‘Oh, but I know what that means,’ I said. It was her chance to look quizzical.

On the ride back, all I could think of was how the footballers’ talent would be nipped in the bud. It made me angry. Angrier than when Nani, my maternal grandmother, told me not to touch the pickle jar if I was on my period. Angrier than when Dadi, my paternal grandmother, asked me not to enter the prayer room or kitchen during ‘those days.’ Sakshi was wrong, I did know what it felt like.

Living in a household where I was the youngest of five generations, I often found my beliefs at loggerheads with those of my great grandmother or her mother’s, especially when it came to ‘those days.’ I resented it, although I never disobeyed. But what would I do if I were in the shoes of one of those footballers? Would I allow my chances to be ruined in the name of archaic beliefs?

As luck would have it, I reached ‘that’ part of my monthly cycle the next day. Showering before breakfast, as was the rule, I went down and hesitated by the door of the kitchen. ‘What happened?’ said my great grandmother, seeing me hovering. ‘I don’t think it’s fair that I cannot enter the kitchen right now,’ I said, taking the bull by its horns. ‘Do you know, girls in Aloona Tola have to give up playing football because of this?’

The dam broke releasing a flood of feelings. I narrated the plight of the girls in the village and how it made me feel.  ‘There is nothing abnormal or impure about a menstruating girl; why should she be punished for it? I will enter the kitchen Nani, I must. For myself and for those girls.’

All doors had been shut for them; as I spoke I knew I had to at least open a window. To my relief, Nani smiled, ‘Maybe you are right.’

This personal victory buoyed my courage and I drove down to Aloona Tola again with mom, who heads various women’s empowerment organisations. With her help, I organised a menstrual hygiene workshop, taking longer to speak to the players and their parents, dispelling false beliefs and superstitions.  Visiting the village regularly, I campaigned for the girls, feeling passionately for their cause. As the qualifying match approached, I could sense a mellowing of attitudes. The practice was still ongoing, which was a positive sign. A week before the match, Sakshi called me, ‘We’re going! We’re going to the match, and it’s all thanks to you! You’ve changed their lives.’

They had no idea how they changed me.

By Tamana Kothari

Taking care during periods!


Periods mark the transition of a girl towards womanhood.

When a girl hits puberty, her hormones start sending various signals to her body parts to grow and mature, and hence we get our periods. It involves the monthly shedding of blood and tissue from the uterus through the vaginal opening. Menstruation is an important part of the reproductive process, and it is a signal that your body is maturing and that you are healthy.

Periods can be frustrating because one minute you want attention and love, the next second you want to cry like a baby for hours over anything and everything, and just the next second, you want to launch off to space and stay away from humans for eternity. Getting your periods can be annoying, painful, and detrimental to your wardrobe and plans. But what women struggle the most with is “period-cramps.”

Let us first understand what causes period cramps!

Period cramps happen when the uterine muscles tighten and relax. The uterus squeezes to help push the blood out through a girl’s vagina during her period.These contractions can cause pain, inflammation, and cramps. Period cramps can be mild, but they might cause some discomfort and pain, but there are a few things that you can do to feel better.

If cramps bother you, you should:

  • Take a pain reliever -You should consult your parents or doctor regarding the dosage and medication.
  • Get a massage- Massage your lower back and legs. It relaxes your nerves and helps reduce the pain and discomfort.
  • Get warm- You should try placing a warm water bottle or warm compress on your belly or take a warm bath.
  • Practice yoga- Yoga asanas like child pose, butterfly, cat-camel help ease the discomfort.
  • Rest when you need it. Some cuddles with mom or sister work like magic too.

Other lifestyle changes that may help-

  • Eat light and nutritious meals.
  • Avoid food with caffeine and salt.
  • Exercise being physically active relieves cramps. Therefore, you should make exercise a part of your weekly routine.
  • Take dietary supplements.
  • Meditate; it helps manage your stress.

Periods are normal; cramping is also normal. A period is a present that needs to be celebrated, and it’s not a curse-laden with embarrassment and negativity. So let’s talk about it in a normal fashion; let us celebrate our womanhood.

By Tisya Narang

What are periods?

Let alone menstrual hygiene, the menstrual cycle is thought about to be a huge taboo. It is considered as something unclean or dirty in Indian society. It is rightly said that cleanliness and order are not the matter of instinct, they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate an interest for them. This is absolutely true for menstrual hygiene and is considered to be of paramount importance. When I was leading a menstrual hygiene drive, I still remember all the young girls being sceptical about raising their questions related to this topic. It was heartbreaking to see that many of them were unaware about menstrual hygiene and had stereotypical questions like “ “aisa bhi hota hai “,” ham dukaan mein jaake bhi yeh maang sakte hai?” popping up their brains. I was literally broken when I got to know that these females were not bold enough to walk upto the chemists and ask for sanitary napkins. It was then the concept of teaching menstrual hygiene to all the females as a part of compulsory education struck my mind.

As it’s rightly said that charity begins from home so I educated my younger sister and all my staff members about the same. My sister was in grade 8th when she experienced her first period. She was unable to make out what was happening to her and approached me. As a vigilant and responsible elder sister, I wrapped my hands around her waist and explained to her the entire process which a female body undergoes. I not only enlightened her about this unique process but also gave her the vital message of correct menstrual hygiene. I calmed her down, told her to place a sanitary napkin properly covering the sides and to wipe her vagina with a soft tissue after using the loo. I further mentioned that these pads should be carefully disposed by wrapping them into a tissue or a newspaper and finally wash her hands with an antiseptic hand wash after changing pads.

Thus, this is how I was instrumental in imparting knowledge about menstrual hygiene and bringing a change in the society at a grassroots level. In a nutshell, I would say that the manner in which a girl is made aware about menstruation and its associated changes is quite important. As hygiene during menstruation is an inevitable part of a woman’s life, firmly believe that girls should be educated about the same from the very beginning and should not hesitate to express their queries.

By Vanshika Singal & Vaasvi Singal

When is my next period?


First periods come with a lot of how’s, what’s and why’s. Girls have a lot of curiosity when it comes to their first period. It is very important to know about menstruation and to normalise talking and educating about it among both boys and girls. There are no secrets to be kept when it comes to menstruation. Every girl at the brink of puberty deserves to know what awaits her and how to take good and hygienic care of her. The more proper knowledge, the less the panic. The basic concern that every girl has when they get to know what periods are is ‘What should I do when I get my first period?’ The key is not to worry or panic.

Getting periods is a sign of maturation. Getting periods means that you are healthy and are growing well. Most girls get their first period somewhere between the ages of 10 and 14, with an average of just over 12 years old. During periods, a small amount of blood comes out of your vagina. This lasts for at-least 4-8 days depending on every individual.

Firstly, you will need a sanitary pad. It might be made of cotton or might be synthetic and it comes in different shapes and sizes. It is better to be prepared beforehand to avoid panic during your first period. Make a period kit, which will be easy to carry everywhere with you so that you can immediately use it when you have your first period. The kit must include clean underwear, 2-3 sanitary pads and some toilet paper. Place or stick the pad on the underwear in such a manner that the absorbent middle part of the pad exactly covers the opening of your vagina. If you have anything in mind about periods don’t hesitate to ask your mother/father/elder sister.

Another question that arises is that ‘What if you don’t have a pad with you?’

If you are at your home then ask your mom/dad/any elder siblings for a pad.

If you are somewhere out ask any friend/aunty/didi around you for a pad.

These days there are a variety of menstrual products available like:

  • Disposable pads
  • Pantyliners
  • Reusable Pads
  • Tampons
  • Menstrual Cups

Any of these can be used during your period according to your comfort.

First periods can be quite intimidating but with the right knowledge and guidance, it can be dealt without any panic.

By Diya Bansal

Hallmark ensures purity of gold, not the brand

Gold jewellery purchased from a branded shop does not mean purity of gold if he is not a Hallmark certified jeweler.

Purchase gold and jewellery from a Hallmark Certified jewelers, certified by Bureau of Indian Standards, Govt. of India as only Hallmarks ensures purity of gold.